Celebrate Mountain Parks Month– To-Do List

With two full weeks left to go in Denver Mountain Parks Month, here are a few suggestions of ways to celebrate this historic park system. Please share your personal favorites in the comments and we’ll add them to our list. (Thanks!)

  • Drive to the top of Genesee Mountain and check out the view!
  • Better yet, recreate the August 27, 1913, tour for park superintendents: from Golden, take the Lariat Trail to Lookout Mountain Park (check out the Buffalo Bill Museum while you’re there), then drive to the top of Genesee Mountain. Return to Denver via Fillius and Bergen parks, Evergreen, and Bear Creek Canyon (Hwy 74).
  • Stop at Echo Lake Lodge for a piece of chocolate cream pie. Tell Barb we said hi!
  • Buy the book and read up on our 100-year history.
  • Check out the view at sunset from the Daniels Park shelter. Look for buffalo and see if you can tell the mamas from the calves.
  • Hike the Bear Creek Trail with a friend all the way from the Little Park trailhead to Pence Park. (Hint: Leave a car at each end so you don’t have to walk back.)
  • Learn some geology at the geologic overlook at the north end of Red Rocks Park and catch another great view.
  • Make a date to visit Colorado’s only surviving Civilian Conservation Corps camp (call 720.865.0900 to schedule a visit).
  • Visit the Denver Public Library to see an exhibit on the Denver Mountain Parks and view early tourist memorabilia.
  • Buy your tickets for the John Denver tribute concert October 18th, featuring 1,000 photos by John Fielder, set to the music of the John Adams Band.

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