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Geologic Overlook Trail temporarily closed May 27 on

Due to heavy rains and muddy conditions, the south segment of the Geologic Overlook Trail has been closed until conditions improve. This trail goes from the North Picnic Area to the Upper North Parking Lot.

See Trails map here.

Picnicking in the Parks

Genesee shelter, winter view

Genesee shelter, winter view

Great news! Several parks have been added to the list of those available for group reservations. See detailed information on picnic sites available this season at our new page on Picnicking in Denver’s Mountain Parks.

If you still have questions, contact info is available at the link above.

We are also working on adding photo galleries for picnic sites so you can check them out from home.

Red Rocks on its Way to National Landmark Status

Reposted from Denver Mountain Parks Foundation. Photo courtesy DMP Ranger Dennis Brown.
IMAG1086Since 2006, the Intermountain Regional Office of the National Park Service has been working with Denver staff and other parties to nominate Red Rocks Park and amphitheatre, including the Mount Morrison CCC Camp and associated resources, as a National Historic Landmark. The project was initiated by Friends of Red Rocks, in cooperation with Denver Parks and Recreation staff, and supported by Parks management as well as that of Theatres & Arenas (now Arts & Venues). The Colorado State Historic Preservation Office also supports the proposal.

Mayor Hancock sent a letter on behalf of the City in support of this nomination, and City Council issued a proclamation. When approved by the Secretary of the Interior, this will be the second National Historic Landmark designated for the City and County of Denver.

CCC bldg1684Red Rocks Park, with its amphitheatre, designed landscapes, and preserved CCC camp, is a rare and outstanding example of this “New Deal” program and its work. The camp contains structures representing all aspects of camp life and workshops used to construct items for trails, roads, and the amphitheatre and is unusual for its close proximity to its work project, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The nomination highlights the national significance of Red Rocks Park in architecture, landscape architecture, and performing arts.

Steps in the process: The Federal Register notice was published on December 12, 2014, following extensive review and revision of the nomination documents by NPS staff here and in Washington, D.C. On February 11, 2015, the Landmarks Committee reviewed and approved the nomination of Red Rocks. The nomination will go to the National Park System Advisory Board next fall. Approval by that Advisory Board encourages the Secretary of the Interior to designate the landmark. Although the process can take several additional months, we anticipate designation could be completed in 2016.

Now Playing on Channel 8

DMP superintendent Dick Gannon interviewed by Wendy Brockman of Connected Colorado. SLW photo, 5/16/2014.

DMP superintendent Dick Gannon interviewed by Wendy Brockman of Connected Colorado. SLW photo, 5/16/2014.

After the May snowstorm, Mountain Parks superintendent Dick Gannon was interviewed at Genesee Park about the bison herd. This feature is available at Connected Colorado.

This report by the Connected Colorado News Magazine will be playing on Colorado Channel 8 stations Thursdays at 8 pm in June. It features Genesee Park (at minute 6:00) and the Genesee Ropes Course (Intro and at minute 13:00).

This week, the Genesee Bison Herd and its 20 calves also appeared on Channel 9. Enjoy their video at the link. More photos of buffalo babies at our earlier post.

Flag Day Saturday June 14

speeches1938The Peace Pipe Chapter of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, will host its 103rd Flagraising tomorrow at the top of Genesee Mountain. Speeches and ceremony begin at 11 a.m. and will be followed by a “bring-your-own” picnic lunch at the Genesee Shelter. The event is supported by the Sons of the American Revolution and the Fourth Texas Artillery, who will provide a rifle salute and cannon firing, as well as by Denver Mountain Parks staff. This historic event has occurred on June 14th every year since 1911, and has been a joint event since Mountain Parks began.

To get to Genesee Mountain, take I-70 (Exit 254) and continue to the top of the mountain. Bring a lunch and join us for a picnic following the event.

See details on this flyer. FlagDayFlyer2014

salute1957What’s it all about? Check out our 100th-anniversary event in 2011!!

Road to Mount Evans closes June 16 through 18

Subject: Mount Evans Road planned closure June 16-18
Importance: High


CO 5 Northbound / Southbound Mt. Evans Road Echo Lake – Mt. Evans summit (Milemarker 1)
Will be closed between Monday, June 16 6AM – Wednesday, June 17 6PM due to road work. Road Closure will begin June 16th, 2014 at 6:00am.

National Trails Day at O’Fallon Park

On June 7, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers gathered a crew to work on trail construction and fencing at O’Fallon Park in Bear Creek Canyon. Here are a few photos from Ranger Lonnie Smith.

Thanks to all who came out and worked on behalf of Denver’s Mountain Parks!





Buffalo babies arriving!

Update 6/12/14: Here’s the link to the Connected Colorado video. Current count at Genesee Bison Herd— 19 new calves and 1 December calf for a total of 20.

You may get tired of May snowstorms, but what do we get? Babies! The Mother’s Day storm dropped two feet of snow at Genesee Park, and made mothers out of six of our bison cows by Monday. Six calves had arrived previously, giving us a new total of 12 calves at Genesee and 5 at Daniels Park by Friday, May 16. (Not including our two December calves, who are also doing well.)

Cows and calves at Genesee Park during Mother's Day storm, Sunday May 11, 2014. Photo by Marty Homola.

Cows and calves at Genesee Park during Mother’s Day storm, Sunday May 11, 2014. Photo by Marty Homola.

What a way to come into the world! But buffalo have many adaptations that allow them to weather any kind of weather the West offers just fine. Caretaker Marty Homola kept a watchful eye out for local coyotes, but cows and calves are managing fine. By Tuesday, skies cleared but the new calves still had to navigate in deep snow. Now that the snow is gone, it’s a great time to get out and visit for a view of bison calves.

By the time we visited Genesee on Friday with a camera crew from Connected Colorado, pastures were green and we got some fresh pictures of our 12 calves and their moms. Connected Colorado is a joint program that produces videos in cooperation with cities, counties and towns in the Denver area. Our segment will appear in June-July, and we’ll post a link as soon as we get one.

Oddly, there was a big May snowstorm about the same time last year. The gallery above includes a few photos from that set as well as photos from last week.

Wishing you season’s best…